Friday, May 06, 2005

friday may 6, 2005 – the vitek gut pak, austin’s famous antone’s, & kerbey queso

slowly but surely arise in the mansion, all take luxurious showers in the oversized bathroom, tour the outdoor bbq scenario, pool, jacuzzi, dining room with oversized wine glasses, chevy tahoe tetris and head to austin.

at about 2p on our way down, we hit vitek’s bbq in waco at duncan clowe’s (another alamo heights high school san antonio native) recommendation. he suggested the gut pack, which none of us actually got, but its contents are fascinating:
chop bbq
optional sausage, pickles, onions, jalapeño peppers
essentially a frito pie. mr. vitek had recently been to l.a. and brought us the business card from the hotel california, where he and his wife stayed for the kitsch factor, as proof.

back on the road, passed right by the dr. pepper museum, where allen’s been several times, mostly for the shop, with lots of good dp shirts and blow up plastic dp floaties and such.
arrived in austin through some texas traffic, straight to antone’s on 5th, just down the street from the one-2-one bar where i had joined a bunch of l.a. singer/songwriters during sxsw in march. tried to tune up the wurly a bit, wound up breaking the out of tune note during soundcheck – a few phone calls to music stores in austin led me to the resident wurly expert in town, bob overton. ryan & katha melton, our hosts, picked up the requisite #37 reed from mr. overton, though i wouldn’t have time to replace it before the show, so barry (monitors at antone’s) supplied tape so avoid the offending key during the show.
great sound, thanks to barry and steve (everyone on this tour’s named steve – glenn’s keyboard player & merch guy as well). nice to play for friendly faces in austin, threw in artichoke by request and remembered why we used to play it all the time. gogo dancers appeared from out of nowhere– one blew a kiss to the stage, & i thought i recognized her, but tried to concentrate on other things.
spoke with ilse the swedish merch lady about our eurotour with alanis which made her long for stockholm. chevy tahoe tetris with the gear yet again, then out to kerbey lane, an austin tradition (packed into the clown car, 6 people & all our gear), where the skipping cd player began to slowly drive us nuts, kerbey’s menu is incredible, and they’re open 24 hours, which is ideal for austin’s student crowd.
allen: queso (this elicited taunts of “freak” from one of kerbey lane’s more emotive staff)
gm: kerbey scramble
adam: hummus taco
carson: hummus & pita
shasta (al’s girlfriend): some other scramble with some sort of meat product
ryan: blueberry pancakes
after sufficient sustenance at about 3a, collapsed at chez ryan/katha somewhere near san marcos, tx


At 10:47 AM, RyDog said...

OK, for the last time...we live in the AUSTIN CITY LIMITS!!!! Tell Al to pipe down...


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